Reid Harrison-Ducros, NASM - CPT, WLS




My girlfriend and I have been working with Reid on weight loss and dieting for the past 6 months.  Let me tell you I was very skeptical at first and I shared this with Reid and he said as long as I follow the program he laid out we will see the loss we want.  Let me tell you boy was he right… by following the program to a “T” I have lost 30 pounds in six months and so has my girlfriend.  Not only have I lost weight I have gained strength and have started to build out a frame that is more muscular and defined.  Not only does Reid provide a detailed workout and calorie deficit plan he also meets with us once a week by phone or zoom to understand how we are progressing with the plan to see if he needs to make any tweaks.  We recently purchased a Tonal machine and Reid has been gracious enough to come over to the house to check out the new equipment and has incorporated it into our workout program.  Let me tell you I have always had some concern with believing testimonials from folks but I am one of the most skeptical people on the planet but I give you my word that the service Reid provides works and is well worth the cost and time.